studioconcreto was founded in 2018 by Luca Coclite and Laura Perrone. It originates from the need of exploring – in a theoretical and experimental form – the critical points of our society, where immateriality, precariousness, performativity, the loss of the sense of community, and the emergence of new individualistic practices make it urgent to create new approaches of reflection and engagement. Such approaches may help questioning and rethinking the dialogue between public sphere and private sphere. The domestic sphere will be the starting point for analysing the physical context where actions will take place: indeed studioconcreto is also a flat within a social housing compound (INA-Casa) in Lecce. The atelier wishes to tackle this kind of architecture as a field where to experiment practices of self-determination involving the dwellers. Such practices will reach the interior of the flats, public spaces, as well as the interval spaces of the semi-private, with the aim of re-establishing a process of collectivity and of community-making that could create a shared and poetic dwelling. Studioconcreto is the place where we project the desires stemming from our researches, which most often take the form of transversal choreographies made of encounters, dynamic exhibitions, actions of radical pedagogy, and live performances that mix art with the practices and actions of everyday life.

exscenario is a buffer space for accessing the various art forms with which studioconcreto establishes a relation. It is an instrument that highlights reflections, productions, and creative fluxes for exploring the new contexts of contemporary language. exscenario is a grey zone, an intermezzo between white cube and blackbox where conventions can be negotiated. It is a dynamic, undefined space that refers to a new temporal categorisation of creation and that, by refusing immobility in any form, reconfigures the relation towards vision.

via Umberto Congedo, 2, 73100 Lecce (LE) – Italy

Walter Santomauro (Graphic Designer)
Simone Ballesio (Web Developer)

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